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Sydney - Canberra - Friday, 9 February 2018

Via Murrays Bus

sunny 35 °C

We both had a good night's sleep. It is really lovely to be able to drink and use tap water to clean your teeth! The small things we take for granted.

We are booked on the 10.30 am Murray's bus from the Sydney International Airport to Canberra. I purposely chose the later time (and a flexible ticket), just in case we were a bit jet lagged and wanted to sleep in, but we didn't and from the breakfast room, I could see the Murray's bus booking clerk checking people off for the 8.30 am bus.

After breakfast, I went over and asked her if there was room for us on the 9.30 am bus - yes - so I went back to our room, closed the bags, checked out and wandered over to where the bus leaves from, at about 9 am. It is important to get there early (if you want to sit together) as there are a lot of "singles" on the bus and the seats are quickly taken. What a stressful job the bus booking clerk had!! People coming at her from all sides - some with tickets, some with not, some speaking English, some not - and it was only 9am! I'd hate to see her by the end of the day!

We boarded the bus for the three hour drive to Canberra and as is usual with me, I fell asleep as soon as the bus started and woke up as we were passing Goulburn, about an hour's drive from Canberra. As this was our first time catching the bus to Sydney Airport and back, I was interested in Phil's comments. "Well, what do you think about the bus?", I asked. "It's okay", he said. "Now you have turned me into a bus person!" (whatever that is!) Anyway, I think he liked the convenience of it and we will do it again.

The country side is brown and dead and it's very hot when we arrive in Canberra - 35 degrees - dry heat. We phoned for an "Uber" (we are getting very good at this now) and arrived home at about 1 pm to find everything just as we had left it, but a few plants had not survived the extreme summer temperatures.

Now to the unpacking and washing and day dreaming about a wonderful two weeks in Sri Lanka with a great group of travelling companions.

A couple of weeks after we arrived home, this arrived from Scenic. What a shame we are both on strict diets after two week's in Sri Lanka of excessive eating and drinking!

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Colombo - Singapore - Sydney - Thursday, 8 February 2018

Flying home

sunny 27 °C

Business Class - Singapore Airlines

As Phil, Elizabeth and I were all travelling Business Class, we spent two hours in the Singapore Airlines lounge at Colombo. It was very small and pretty basic but at least there was somewhere to go. None of us felt like eating or drinking because we had just come from our Farewell Dinner. We boarded on time and waved to Sharon and John, Yvonne and Daryl and Philippa and Terry who were waiting to board in the Economy section.

It is about a three and a half hour flight from Colombo to Singapore and I slept all the way. We arrived in Singapore at about 7.20 am and said goodbye to Yvonne and Daryl as they are spending a few days in Singapore with their family. Philippa and Terry are also staying in Singapore for about three days, but we didn't even see them when we got off the plane, so we didn't get to say goodbye to them.

We only had a two hour stop over in Singapore which gave us time to go to the Silver Krys Lounge and have some breakfast and clean our teeth. There is nothing like clean teeth!


The flight to Sydney took about seven and half hours and Phil and I slept for the first few hours and then watched a couple of movies. I watched "Me Before You" and cried and cried! I was worried about the mascara running! Elizabeth also watched it and cried too. We had both read the book and loved it. I also watched "What Maisie Knew" and loved it. It was very poignant.

Phil slept so well on this flight that he missed brunch and that's a first!

We landed in Sydney at about 8.30 pm, collected our bags, passed through Customs okay. He didn't even want to see our wooden items. We just had to describe them to him. He was a bit slack. We could have told him anything and he would have believed us.

Kissed Elizabeth and Sharon and John goodbye and then headed to Rydges Airport hotel which is very conveniently located just within walking distance across the road from arrivals. Checked in, and went to the restaurant for a light snack before bed. Almost back to normality. Travelling home to Canberra tomorrow morning. Where have the last two weeks gone?

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Canberra to Sydney - Wednesday, 24 January 2018

The journey begins - Murrays Bus from Canberra to Sydney International Airport

overcast 30 °C

Set the alarm for 6 am which will give us plenty of time (3 hours) until the hire car arrives. We had a huge thunderstorm in the middle of the night but I was already awake - too excited to sleep! Of course, that meant that Phil's paper was saturated! Not a good start!


The hire car arrived at about 10 to 9 and it was Gary, the guy who has driven us before and who Phil knows through the taxi industry. It was a beautiful roomy BMW and a very pleasurable drive to the Murray's Bus depot. Phil is very apprehensive about the bus trip to Sydney Airport, but what could be easier - being driven to Sydney without any of the hassles! We arrived at the depot only to find some acquaintences of ours also catching the bus to Sydney for a doctor's appointment. They had been to Sri Lanka a few years ago and waxed lyrical about it. Everyone only seems to have good things to say about Sri Lanka and its inhabitants.


The trip to Sydney was uneventful. I slept most of the way and Phil read the paper and listened to his music and before we knew it, we were arriving at the International Terminal at Sydney Airport. The bus is only permitted to drop off passengers at the very end of the terminal and as luck would have it, right outside the Singapore Airlines check in desk. Great!

Check in - easy. Border Control - not so easy. Something always happens to Phil. I breezed through but for some unknown reason, Phil's passport wouldn't work so he had to be manually processed! Some mothers do have 'em!! Our Express Pass through security worked well and we both breezed through that, which is very surprising as Phil ALWAYS gets stopped there.

As we were walking through the terminal, we came across Sharon and John (who were in our travelling group in Peru and have become our friends and who are accompanying us to Sri Lanka) having lunch. Lots of hugs and kisses. It is so nice to see them.


Sharon and John (the hippies at my Fancy Dress 70th birthday party last October)

We are now in the Singapore Lounge eating lunch and waiting to board.


Let the fun begin!

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